Interview: Krista Hartmann

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With a new website and a new year, we thought we’d take the opportunity to introduce a new segment to our blog, the Insider Interview. Here we will chat with prominent interior designers and industry influencers about their business, designs, trend predictions and everything in between. We’re so thrilled to kick off the year with none other than Oslo based interior designer, Krista Hartmann.

Krista Hartmann Interiors was established in 2003 with a head office and showroom located in central Oslo. Krista has built an established and credible reputation in the industry through her extensive experience and expertise, tailoring unique results for each and every one of her clients.

Describe your design aesthetic & signature style to us in a few words.

I think our signature style is classy yet modern. We love to combine contemporary looks with personal touches for each client, creating a unique and warm atmosphere. New and old always meet in our projects. I think it is important to produce a unique look, so we work hard to give every project their own touch of personality.

What has been your most exciting project to date?

I did a large office project for a well-known shipping company in Oslo. It was one of our first commercial projects so it was very exciting for us. I am so proud of what we did and what we achieved, we learned a lot during the journey. The other project that comes to mind is a contemporary summerhouse on the Norwegian coastline. It was far different from anything we’d done previously and I needed to go outside my comfort zone - but that’s what made it fun. The end result showed me that it’s good to push yourself and your limits sometimes. Also, building my own house in 2016. I must admit that was fun fun fun!!

What would be your best advice to anyone wanting to enter the industry?

Take the time to invest in an education before you start out on your own. There are so many established companies in this industry, but there is always room to refine your skills and experience. In my opinion, clients trust you more if you really understand the design process as a whole, giving them the confidence they need to trust in your skill set. You also need to be ready for long days and hard work!

What have you found to be the biggest misconception in the industry?

It would have to be using one tone from a colour and fabric palette, combined with some nice pillows and expensive lamps to make a perfect home. When coordinating a scheme, you need to consider everything from the room layout to the light fixtures and everything in between. This is again why I strongly advise people to spend time studying. I also believe that those who REALLY excel in the industry are those who can effortlessly put together colours and textiles, they’re born with a natural ability and eye for detail and design. You must love it and feel it from the start.

What trends are you most excited about at the moment?

I love that colours are coming back… just remember to combine them nicely!

Lastly, what is your must have fabric from Chase Erwin?

There are so many must haves from Chase Erwin!!! But my top three would have to be Maquette, Silk Velvet and Mohair, oh and my endless favourite Linen Graphite.

Thank you Krista for taking the time to chat with us, we love your work and look forward to seeing your next projects come to life.

From the Chase Erwin team X