The Sustainable Future

Environmental Responsibility

One of the biggest conversations in design at the minute is sustainability. A consciousness to preserve and protect the environment extends into the interiors market more so than ever. Sustainability as a trend, strives to present resourcefulness within a space either by re-purposing an exciting material to create a focal or by subtly incorporating sustainable mediums into an intuitive space.

We’re seeing a surge in designers acknowledging the beauty in byproducts widely across the design sector. An example is our incredibly unique Arctic Leathers, exclusive to Chase Erwin within interiors. They’re manufactured by re-purposing salmon skins which were previously discarded by the commercial fishing industry of Iceland. The leather has some truly unique aesthetic and physical qualities, not only is it durable and extremely flexible it also comes in a gorgeous range of colours. Click here to view our Arctic Leather Collection.

We recently introduced a beautiful range of wools including Laine, Moritz and Lisse. Wool is a protein fibre formed in the skin of sheep and one hundred percent natural. Woolgrowers actively work to safeguard the environment and improve efficiency, endeavoring to make the wool industry sustainable for future generations.

Ultrasuede has much of the same philosophy. The team behind Ultrasuede are dedicated to supporting global efforts toward building a sustainable, low-carbon society. Recycling and advanced technologies, like incorporating plant-based polymer materials, help make Ultrasuede one of the world's beautiful possibilities. Click here to view our range of Ultrasuede.