Interview: Rachel Winham

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Rachel Winham has an extensive portfolio of luxury properties across London. Surrounded by reputable suppliers, including highly skilled craftsman specialising in bespoke furniture and lighting, Rachel Winham strives to create unique spaces tailored to the individual client.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you became an interior designer?

My time is split between running the business and creative direction. I am very much involved in designing all of our projects and have a talented team that work beside me from concept to completion. I would often re-design my bedroom as child but I went on to study business at university. After university I moved to London and began working in the property industry, however it was a move to the Caribbean in 2006 where I met a designer who opened my eyes up to the world of interiors when my career fully began. I was quickly exposed to top end luxury design and I never looked back.

What words would you use to describe your signature style?

Liveable luxury - Our designs are focused on creating unique bespoke items with uncompromising detailing whilst ensuring functionality.

Where do you look for inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere, whether it be from the team, day to day life, travel, hotels and restaurants. I follow many different subjects on Pinterest, the colour of food or the embellishment in fashion can be the starting point for the next design.

What would be your advice for anyone wanting to enter the industry?

Whilst some perceive Interior Design to be shopping and cushion plumping, it is actually 5% creative and 95% problem solving! So, I would advise anyone wanting a career in Interior Design to spend a little time as an intern in a design studio to understand the real-life day to day role of a designer. There are some fantastic design courses in London, however there is nothing like first-hand experience which I believe is much more valuable. In addition to a creative eye, it is essential that designers have a strong grasp of design software which can be practised outside of a studio.

What was the last project you worked on where you used Chase Erwin fabric?

We work with Chase Erwin quite frequently, we recently used the ‘Rocco copper’ fabric for the occasional chair and ‘Diva Copper’ for a cushion on our sofa at a recent Queen’s Wharf project.

Greenery was named Pantone’s colour of 2017, what colours do you think will be trending in 2018?

Peach seems to be this seasons trend, a range of tones from pale pink through to deep terracotta’s are all the rage. We are currently working on a project which includes a little girl’s bedroom so I am looking forward to exploring my inner girly side for this.

Finally, what is your favourite fabric from Chase Erwin?

I have a few favourites, we have just recently used the ‘Lumi Storm’ for a gorgeous sofa cushion another would be the ‘ECLAT Pearl’ which was used in our master bedroom at our Queen Anne’s Gate project!