Vibrant, Durable & Fun!

Invented in Japan in the 1970’s, this popular material is known for having a luxurious feel, being extremely durable and a breeze to clean. It feels like natural suede but is resistant to stains and discoloration which makes it our number one for easy care upholstery.

It falls beautifully yet is extremely versatile when upholstered. Since its invention, Ultrasuede has been used in the manufacture of everything from luxury fashions to jet interiors. Tiffany and Co. use Ultrasuede to line their jewellery boxes.

Perfect for upholstery, here we have Ultrasuede Wild Plum.
““Not only can Ultrasuede® stand up to all the challenges of real life, but it's also unsurpassed in performance and perhaps most important, ease of care.””

Ultrasuede is not woven like a conventional fabric, which helps it resist scratching and stains, and its microscopic structure is too small to trap loose strands of fur, which makes it an excellent option for pet owners. Liquids bead up and run off Ultrasuede upholstery without absorbing, and most messes can be cleaned off with just laundry detergent and water. Allow your Ultrasuede to air dry, then use a soft brush to restore the famous suede-like nap. Below we have some inspiration schemes using a selection of colourful options, mix & match with fabrics and leathers to create a unique story for your clients!