Interview: Sophie Paterson

Five minutes with...

Sophie Paterson of Sophie Paterson Interiors; a high-end interior design studio based in Surrey and London that specialises in luxury residential interiors for both private clients and developers in the UK and globally.

Q1. Sophie, we worked with you recently on a major project, tell our readers what you have just launched!

Yes it was such a momentous moment for our company and me personally as we launched our first collections - a capsule upholstery collection with The Sofa and Chair company which consisted of the Cotswolds sofa - a design that combines elegant and tailored design with a rustic chic twist with the limed grey oak frame, the Ava chairs which were my personal favourite as they are such a unique design with the exposed frame, compact and usable size and beautiful finishes including the Jerry pair leather we sourced from chase Erwin. Lastly we designed a classic bench named grace that would fit perfectly in any bedroom- it is elegant and feminine upholstered in the pink mohair but could work equally well in a masculine setting in a different fabric such as leather. I also designed two linen collections for vis a vis and two wallpaper designs for Fromental which were all punched at our cocktail party event. It was so great to work with some of my favourite suppliers to bring something new to the market and unveil my own designs.

Q2. You specified one of our fabrics, what was it about the Peruzzi Pearl that caught your eye?

The texture first and foremost - it has a beautifully subtle grain that looks so luxurious and tactile. Secondly it was the perfect colour a blend of predominantly taupe with some warmer golden undertones that works so well with the palette of dusty pinks, cream and gold that I used for this collection.

Q3. Let’s talk about that chair! The Jerry Pair Leather you selected looked absolutely stunning upholstered, were you happy with the overall finish?

So happy! I named the chair ‘Ava’ after my daughter as it was such a cute design and so special to me. The finishes have all worked so well together - the luxurious Jerry pair leather against the limed grey oak and rustic linen on the back. It’s the kind of chair that would look good in almost any setting. I don’t have anywhere for it in my home but I’ve still ordered a pair as I love them so much. I’ll have to keep working hard so I can buy a holiday home to put them in!

Q4. What is your top tip for being a successful interior designer and business woman and how do you plan to develop your brand even further in the near future?

My top tip is to just keep going - in business and especially with Instagram and social media it can look from the outside that things just happen so easily for others and they have some magic secret to success. There is no magic secret, it is just years of grafting away, always giving everything 100% and not letting any knock backs hold you down. You have to seek out and create opportunities. Network, market yourself and think outside the box. You have to love and be passionate about what you do to make it work as there are a lot of sacrifices along the way but when you love your job these sacrifices often don’t register at the time as you are so engrossed in what you are doing.

Q5. Who or what inspires you the most? What ignites your creativity and drive every single day?

I don’t try and compare myself with anyone else, it’s not healthy or helpful on any front. I just like setting myself small and big goals each day/ week/ month/ year and seeing which ones I can achieve. It’s almost like a game and challenge. Viewing it that way and having lots of things on the go means no set back knocks you back for long as you have other things to focus on and make happen. I have a lot of self belief now that I certainly didn’t have in my teens or twenties and that has come from having a great support network especially my husband and also building my confidence from experience- each time I face a difficult or challenging situation I can look back on previous experiences that seemed hard at the time and know that I managed to overcome that so if I throw everything at this I’ll probably overcome it too. Running your own business is full on but very empowering.

Q6. Ok, one last question because we want to know more…! What up and coming projects are you most excited about at the moment?

Some beautiful projects - we have 16 underway right now many of which have been years in the making and are due to complete this year. Nothing feeds my soul more than seeing a project come together beautifully and a client be happy with it. My team and I live for those moments!