The New Year

Winter Post

As the winter solstice has passed and we enter a new year, we are looking forward to the day light stretching longer and the warmer months that are almost within reach. In Iceland, one year ends and a new year begins with bursts of light and warmth in the form of fireworks and bonfires across the country. It is Icelandic tradition to light bonfires on New Years’ Eve to celebrate with the Elves, also known as the ‘hidden people’, as they are particularly active around Christmas and New Years’.

New Years' Eve by the fire

The light in Iceland at this time of year is particularly magical. Close to the Arctic Circle the sun barely breaks the horizon in the winter months. At sunrise, the light melts away the darkness with a soft rose quartz hue that hangs low and long, casting a golden glow across the landscape. Over a few hours, the light diffuses once more and the sunset and stormy skies cast vibrant pink and golden paintings spanning across the horizon.

It was these skies which inspired our Polar Light collection launching back in 2018. The sequence of these fabrics evoke a warm comforting sense as if you were watching the sun go down. The colour palette ranges from pale sky blues to clouds of lilac and soft pink, through to the silvery shadows of nightfall and midnight skies.

Diamond Beach, Iceland

Our Essence collection also evokes a wintery atmosphere with its wide range of textured fabrics in a range of neutral tones. These fabrics remind us of the thick blankets of pure white snow which lie across the Icelandic landscape, concealing the barren undergrowth during winter. The Essence and Polar Light collections work harmoniously together to create a real sense of warmth and comfort for our homes.

Both collections host a selection of upholstery, drapery and accessory fabrics. Please get in touch with us for samples or email us at for further information.