Comfort Over Concept

“Comfort, practicality, and making your home your sanctuary on every level” Martyn Lawrence Bullard

As we settle into the New Year, it is clear to see the way in which we are living and our daily routine has changed significantly since the events of 2020. We are spending more time in our homes then we have ever done before.

We are all aware of the saying “comfort is key”, but this has never been as true as it is now for the way in which we treat our homes and ourselves during these uncertain times. Our homes are our nests, our safe space, somewhere we usually retreat to at the end of every day. Now more than ever our wellbeing and happiness becomes our priority as we navigate the months to come.

"The trend is to embrace what lasts, what’s well made, and what makes you smile" Robin Standefer

We at Chase Erwin believe we can express this “comfort over concept” notion, as said by Roman and Williams co-founder Robin Standefer. The Essence collection encapsulates the true meaning of this notion. We have created this collection using minimalist, neutral colourways to calm the mind and soul. Concept is overruled by the simplicity of chunky textured upholsteries combined with silky soft drapery fabrics. Surrounding yourself with these textiles will make one feel grounded, whilst being cosy and comforted.

Chair: Embrace Cotton White. Cushions left to right: Restore Mistral, Haven Platinum, Sanctuary Natural.

Essence carries both the understated beauty and cool elegance of the Chase Erwin signature aesthetic, distilled into one collection. It has been inspired by the muted colours of the Nordic winters and the harmonious greeting of soft, fluffy snow with the harsh, stillness of the landscape. We have collated particular textiles which layer together to increase the feeling of warmth, nurturing the impulse to unwind in the home.

Top to bottom: Gently Parchment, Air Cinder, Molecule Stone, Spirit Dunes, Cosy Cinder

“I think we will move away from grand, sweeping styles and towards a rawer, more casual aesthetic. Homes will become textural and layered with elements of warmth—grounded elements.” Interior Designer Robert McKinley

The fabrics of the Essence collection are indulgent, tactile and bring a quiet joy acting as a warm embrace. Each line is named to reflect the ethos of the home being a sanctuary for relaxation; Tranquil, Retreat, Serene and Zen to name a few.

The heavy wools and chenille create a cosy atmosphere in the winter months, whilst the soft, light weight linens and open weave sheers evoke a cool elegance for the summer. Our most loved and best-selling Bouclé fabric, Embrace, originates from the Essence collection and evokes this notion of comfort and style effortlessly.

Embrace Cotton White, Furniture by Dagmar Design. Photography by Adam Luszniak

Alongside the textured upholstery fabrics, we introduced more colourways for our best-selling drapery fabrics, Molecule and Aliana. These fabrics act as the perfect base for any atmosphere, evoking pure elegance and luxury. As with all Chase Erwin collections, these fabrics work beautifully together or can be introduced individually to more rounded schemes to bring a touch of tranquility to any space.

Left: Molecule Silver. Right: Aliana Flint

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