Faux Leather

Our New Collection

One of Chase Erwin's latest releases has been our anticipated faux leather collection, which launched in summer 2020. Faux leather has been an increasing trend, not only in fashion but also in the world of interiors. We can enjoy all of the sophistication, comfort and style of real leather without any particular drawbacks. Our faux leathers are artificial and have been treated to exhibit similar textures and appearance of real leather, for those who would like an alternative option for their interior.

There are many positives that come from choosing faux leather to use within our homes. The synthetic material is extremely robust, easy to clean and is less prone to wear, tear and fading over time. This product has been entirely man-made, resulting in a more tailored finish, allowing one to select an exact colour and texture which you are guaranteed to achieve. Furthermore, no animals are harmed in the production process and if you are looking for yet another positive aspect of choosing faux, it is more infinitely more affordable.


Our faux leathers are available in three different natural-look finishes and are all CRIB 5 inherent.

Close has a gentle grainy texture, with a glossy finish. Available in a range of neutral tones and two shades of blue at 50,000+ Martindale rub count.

Crackle has a more prominent natural leather texture, with a soft handle and an even finish. This texture is available in a selection of neutral tones including hues of green and deep blue. Crackle has a 150,000 Martindale rub count.

Holiday is our third faux-leather which has a matt finish and a very soft velvety texture. This is available in five neutral colourways and an Ink blue. Holiday is also suitable for outdoor use and has a 150,000 Martindale rub count.

How to use Faux Leather

Faux leathers can be used anywhere in the home, from plush seating to joinery and paneling, the options are endless. A trend we especially love to see is the combination of fabric and faux leather used side by side. The leather effect can give a homely, comforting feel which when paired with the perfect fabric creates a more interesting dynamic. One could use faux leather to their advantage and upholster high-traffic areas, such as the arms of a chair or the seating of a bench. This option exhibits the excellent durability of the faux leather, with the added luxury of a leather-like texture adding depth and comfort.

Above is an lovely example by Mokka Design, using a combination of real leather on the back of the arm chairs with a similar toned fabric for the seat. With our new access to some great sustainable alternatives, we believe we can all make more conscious choices. Why not choose faux-leather and explore the fantastic options it has to offer.

All Chase Erwin faux leathers are available now for sampling and orders. Please enquire at sales@chase-erwin.com or call us on +44 (0)20 8875 1222 and a member of our team would be happy to help you.