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Chase Erwin is proud to include Ultrasuede® HP within our collection, one of the world's first ultra-microfiber and a global leader of cutting-edge fibre technologies and their applications.

Ultrasuede® HP is a luxurious fabric made from supreme performance microfibers, creating a uniquely soft and smooth texture, with the natural feel of premium suede.

Its strength lies in its elegance, making it perfectly suited for residential and contract furnishings, as well as automotive, marine and aviation interiors.

Beneath the exquisitely soft touch, the highly durable structure if interwoven fibres make Ultrasuede perfect for the use of furniture, walling, and other applications within the home, as well as contract, marine, aircraft and automotive settings.

Why Choose Ultrasuede?

• Sustainably manufactured using a 30% plant based polyester, with a 100%-recycled polyester purely reconstituted from post-industrial material.

• Available in an extensive colour range of almost 100 colours to suit all users.

• Ultrasuede has an almost indestructible quality, boasting over 200,000 rubs.

• The acoustic quality of Ultrasuede lends itself for the use of cinematic areas and music studios.

• This fabric is extremely easy to care for and maintain, it can be spot cleaned and is even machine washable. This makes Ultrasuede child and pet friendly and resistant to staining and odours.

• The breathability and permeability of this fabric adds to its comfort and luxury.

Samples are available to order from the colour card below, via email at sales@chase-erwin.com or directly from our website.