Q&A With Natascha Dartnall

Questions and answers with: Natascha Dartnall, founder and director of ND Studios

Founded in 2013 by Natascha Dartnall and based in Chelsea, London, ND Studios specialises in bespoke interior architecture and design for exclusive clients with discerning taste. The ND Studios team transforms their clients’ imaginations into a reality; creating timeless interior spaces that are unique to them, tailored to their lifestyle and taste so that it feels like home right from the start. We caught up with Natascha to learn more about her latest projects and her design inspiration.

How would you best describe your signature style?

I aim to create comfortable, elegant homes that are to be enjoyed as much as admired. Whether sourcing artwork and one-off antiques, or designing hand-crafted fixtures and repurposing materials, their depth to detail results in cohesive and unique projects. Sustainability is at the forefront of my mind when I approach each and every project, always exploring new ways to incorporate specialist modernised facilities into old properties in a concealed and sensitive way. Aiming for timeless design and specialising in mixing the old with the new, I always aim to ensure character is brought to each room and scheme.

Please tell us about some of your projects which feature Chase Erwin textiles?

One of my latest projects is a wonderful, modern detached home in a leafy pocket of North London. It was a complete rebuild and interior redesign project. The only aspect of the building that remains from the original Victorian Arts & Crafts home is the front façade. The interiors had to cater to the various needs of a large blended family of seven. It was to be spacious and open plan downstairs to create an inclusive, communal space but for each family member to have their own private bedroom and ensuite bathroom upstairs. I used a number of Chase Erwin touches by adding leather insets to the front of the drawers in the Master Dressing Room and upholstering the tub chair in the Living Room in a cosy white boucle fabric.

Where do you find the inspiration for your schemes?

With the client’s personality key to each project, I work closely with artisanal makers to create entirely bespoke, high-end furniture and fittings, purposely designed for each project and these makers constantly inspire me with their amazing craftsmanship. I like to inject fun and intrigue into every project - from high end properties and superyachts, to the modernising of traditional, often listed, buildings. I draw inspiration from the client’s lifestyle and the heritage of the property and am often involved from the genesis of the structural planning of a project, through to the final decorative touches, always being sympathetic to the original structure and features.

We’re delighted that you have chosen to specify Chase Erwin in some of your projects, please tell us why?

I love working with brands that create elegantly crafted materials and Chase Erwin is no exception. It’s wonderful to be able to see such a variety of predominately organic textures of such a high quality and wide variety of colours/ patterns.

I often use Jerry Pair leather for upholstery and since Chase Erwin are the exclusive UK stockist they are my go to for all things leather.

Thank you to Natascha for sharing such great insights with us!