Q&A With Andrea Benedettini

Andrea Benedettini is a London based interior design and architecture studio focused on luxury residential projects for private clients in the UK and abroad. With over 10 years of expertise in the industry, Andrea and his team offer a comprehensive interior design service by delivering projects seamlessly from start to completion. We spoke with Andrea to learn more about his design process and inspiration.

How would you best describe your signature style / design aesthetic?

My style is a balanced combination of contemporary and traditional elements where form follows function and where understated elegance conjures a sense or tranquillity. Our designs are entirely tailored to our client’s requirements and needs. By focusing on a bespoke and detailed approach we aim to create elegant, timeless, and comfortable homes that never go out of style.

Please tell us about some of your recent projects?

We are currently working on a 6000 sqf family home in Hampstead, a 15,000 sqf villa in Dubai, a Duplex in Maida Vale, a family home in Fulham, and a few old clients have engaged us to work on a second phase: this is for 8000 sqf family home in Surrey and a 9,000 sqf family home in Jersey. Finally, we are working on my own property, a 1 Bedroom + Study period conversation in Clapham Common.

Where do you find the inspiration for your schemes?

I love going to exhibitions, I am a member at the Tate, Royal Academy and V&A and I make sure I visit each gallery at least once a month. I also love exploring the English countryside and travelling to warmer countries. I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to looking for inspiration and truly believe that inspiration is all around us so whatever I do and wherever I go, I always think about how I can integrate my experience in interiors.

We’re delighted that you have chosen to specify Chase Erwin in some of your projects, please tell us why?

Chase Erwin has been one of my top suppliers for upholstery and window treatments fabrics since the beginning of my journey in this industry. First and foremost, Chase Erwin’s style aligns with my own aesthetic of understanded elegance and passion in creating timeless interiors. The quiet colour palette of their fabrics complements my schemes. And I also believe that the fabrics are priced fairly, you get great quality at a good price. This helps the overall budget of a project especially when you have to order bulks of fabrics for pieces such as sofas, curtains etc.

What makes Chase Erwin textiles stand out?

Their weaves are considered and interesting. The fabrics are also incredibly versatile and work in formal settings as well as in slightly more relaxed and paired back interiors. I personally love the colour palette, the handle and drape of their fabrics.

What is your favourite fabric from Chase Erwin?

My favourite fabric is probably Aliana, this is a satin wool that drapes beautifully, and this is probably my best-selling fabric for window treatments. I also love Sail Dunes, this is an off-white linen blend which works beautifully on upholstery. I have used this many times and I am using it on my own sofa, I love the refined texture, and the fact that is bright without being too white and still has warmth. This is a great fabric as a starting point for any scheme.

Please tell us about some of your projects which feature Chase Erwin textiles?

In one of the Guest Bedrooms at our Surrey Family Home project we used Chevron Mist for the scatter cushions on the bed. This fabric features a neutral herringbone pattern with an undertone of soft blue. The subtle sheen provides and elegant feel to the room and elevates the bed composition.

In the Reception Room at our Mayfair Townhouse project we dressed the sofas in Essa Parchment. This is also one of my favourite fabrics from Chase Erwin, it has a touch more warmth and texture than Sail Dunes and it makes up extremely well. The light neutral tone of the fabric creates a lovely contract with the sage green walls in this room.

The dining benches in the Family Room at our Surry project are also upholstered in Sail Dunes. We used this fabric on the inside back and seat and did a contrast fabric for the piping and the outside back.

Thank you Andrea for sharing your insights with us!