CE Ultrasuede Collaboration


Modern Coastal Inspired Colourways

The inspiring new Ultrasuede shades, Ice Blue, Crystal and Rose Quartz take inspiration from minimalist and luxe Modern Coastal design. The cool grey undertones of Ice Blue offer contemporary sophistication and a fresh take on the traditional “blue and white” beachy hues. The delicate blush tones of Rose Quartz offer a complimentary pink palette. Whilst Crystal’s sandy ecru tones draw on more traditional coastal colours. The new Ultrasuede shades are perfect for casual and relaxed interiors, offering clean lines and a stylish coastal colour palette.

Why choose Ultrasuede®?

Ultrasuede has an exceptionally soft texture, incomparable quality, and high-performance functionality with the feel of superior suede. This highly tactile and versatile material was developed through advanced fibre research and development. Its abundant benefits and endless colour palette sees it specified in a wide range of both residential and commercial interior projects across the globe. Ultrasuede is highly durable and maintains its beauty and performance for many years, longer than most fabrics. Tests show that Ultrasuede fabric rates as highly abrasion-resistant, withstanding over 200,000 double rubs before showing any wear. Ultrasuede’s easy-care features make it ideal for both residential and commercial projects, offering a practical, easy-to-clean solution for everything from restaurant upholstery to children’s playrooms, whilst still delivering a luxurious result. Other key benefits include its colour-fastness and moisture-resistant properties, making it ideal for bright rooms or humid climates. The three new Chase Erwin-inspired shades further expands Ultrasuede’s wide colour palette offering, ensuring there are multiple colour choices for every project.

Sustainability Focus

Ultrasuede is not just a one-of-a-kind textile, there is more to it than its superior performance qualities. Customers and consumers are becoming more diligent about the products they use and their impact on the planet, so are more likely to look for more sustainable materials. Ultrasuede helps to minimize its carbon footprint by using feedstock recycling technology and sources some raw materials from plant-based polymers. Ultrasuede is the first company to use plant-based polyester tech and their biggest goal now is to move from 30% to 100% plant-based over the next 5 years. The beautiful new Ice Blue, Crystal and Rose Quartz Ultrasuede shades offer interior designers both a high-performance and sustainable fabric option, with a sophisticated coastal colour palette to enhance and elevate your projects. For more information on the new Chase Erwin Ultrasuede® colourways, click here https://www.chase-erwin.com/ultrasuede or visit our showroom to talk to one of our team.