Q&A with Ward & Co


Ward & Co is a London based interior design and architecture firm run by industry stalwart Sarah Ward and her daughter, Rosie Ward. Over the past 30 years, the studio has worked on both commercial and residential sectors, delivering interiors for boutique hotels, restaurants and clubs as well as an impressive range of residential projects in the UK and abroad, from historic estates in the Home Counties to chalets in the Alps.

How would you best describe your signature style / design aesthetic?

We have a real passion for creating perfectly balanced, unique spaces that stand the test of time and so don’t really follow in fad trends that often cause a project to age very quickly. Instead, we tend to focus on neutral palettes and textures with clean lines and layer these with confident bold colours, a combination which has great longevity. We often look back at projects we completed 10 years ago and find them still very current and can easily be adapted over time as our clients’ needs evolve and tastes change by swapping out cushions, lamp shades or artwork for example. We are confident with colours, incorporating them across a variety of different textures and patterns to ensure no two of our projects are the same. This, combined with bespoke effects on joinery and thoughtfully considered lighting schemes come together to create the signature Ward & Co style.

Please tell us about some of your recent projects?

We have completed a lovely range of projects across the UK and internationally, including an elegant three bedroom apartment at Chelsea Waterfront for a private client, and a family home in Suffolk where we transformed a picturesque Georgian farmhouse into a peaceful escape. We’ve also recently completed a breathtaking beachfront villa in Antigua, Villa Papillon. An eclectic six-bedroom home set back into the hill, the villa spans four floors and enjoys some of Antigua’s most sensational views. Looking forward, we are excited to be working on a refurbishment in Park Lane, alongside another exciting new build villa in Antigua, and a refurbishment of a villa on the island’s Jumby Bay.

Where do you find the inspiration for your schemes?

As a duo that is always on the go, we find a lot of our inspiration on our travels and general day to day business. The location and context of individual projects is also incredibly important to our approach and we often take inspiration from the surroundings - for example with our recent project in Antigua, we incorporated a healthy dose of warm tones synonymous with the sand and sea, adopting a calming neutral base palette, layered with pops of eye-catching artwork. We also used natural materials and tactile fabrics, in a requisite nod to the island’s sublime golden beaches. Similarly, in a more rural project in Suffolk, the beautiful sprawling wisteria on the exterior of the property set the tone for the playful colour palette incorporated within.

We’re delighted that you have chosen to specify Chase Erwin in some of your projects, please tell us why?

We love the quality of Chase Erwin products. We can always find the same tones to match across the fabric ranges, which is so useful when putting together a scheme. The textures on the patterned fabrics are also great, and are a go-to way for us to add depth within the soft furnishings of projects.

What makes Chase Erwin textiles stand out?

Each textile from Chase Erwin is always slightly different, while consistent in quality. The variety is second to none, with a real mix of different textures and plains including beautiful silks. We particularly love the fabrics for curtains, as they hang so beautifully in a room.

What is your favourite fabric from Chase Erwin?

It’s difficult to decide when there’s so many fabulous fabrics to choose from! We love the textures of Jass Dunes. Laine is another firm favourite of ours, as it’s always very soft and comfortable and comes in a great variety of colours.

Please tell us about some of your projects which feature Chase Erwin textiles?

We recently designed the interiors for a beautifully proportioned townhouse outside of London. We worked closely with our clients on our second refurbishment of this property with a focus on the main living areas and master suite. The aim was to give the property a lift after 10 years. We achieved this using a blend of textures, fabrics and materials primarily sourced from Chase Erwin, including beautiful armchairs upholstered in one of our favourites, Jass Dunes. We have also recently completed a mega villa in the Caribbean island of Antigua, where the view of the water with the aqua tones inspired the colour scheme for the master bedroom. Turquoise hues and hot pink contrast wonderfully and subtle metallic accents were incorporated to highlight the ‘’silver dust’ apparent on the water. We chose Rib Sierra as the perfect shade of blue in which to upholster the cushions in the master bedroom.