Q&A With Samantha Knight


Samantha Knight is a British qualified interior designer living between London and Mallorca. Her portfolio of work covers a multitude of types of property and across a wide range of commissions. The projects she has completed demonstrate how fluidly she articulates the creative language of each client inside their home. We caught up with Samantha to ask her about her work, recent projects and design inspiration.

How would you best describe your signature style / design aesthetic?

I started my career designing historical townhouses in central London however since opening our studio in Mallorca our style has harmonised with the natural textures found within the landscape of the island. Calm and serene with touches of discreet luxury, I like to design by my rule of barefoot elegance. We adapt this design intent when designing in London and elsewhere in the world however we always stick to our principle of combining luxury with earthy textures. Much of this texture comes from the natural materials we use to hand-craft our furniture and the sumptuous textiles we use on our upholstery.

Please tell us about some of your recent projects.

We primarily work on projects based in Mallorca and London however we are currently designing a 15,000 sqft family home for a returning client on Ikoyi island in Lagos and a chalet in the French Alps for a young family, as well as a country estate in Hertfordshire. In Mallorca our recent projects include a rural country estate, a historical town house in the mountain town of Pollenca and a sea view villa in the North of the island. We are also building our home which will be the biggest challenge yet! Living in a log cabin while we build will test our resolve and commitment. In London our recent projects include a large family home in Kew, a townhouse in Knightsbridge, and the historical home of Virginia Wolf in Richmond.

Where do you find the inspiration for your schemes?

The balance of colour and texture found in nature has always been a big inspiration of mine. This has only enhanced since moving to the Mediterranean. Good design appeals to all of your senses so I can often find inspiration in food, scents and visual scenes from artwork. I also travel a lot and often come up with some of my best ideas when I am out of my comfort zone. Hotels are also full of inspiration, especially those which feel like home as soon as you walk through the front door.

We’re delighted that you have chosen to specify Chase Erwin in some of your projects, please tell us why?

Chase Erwin naturally becomes a firm favourite of ours due to the serene colour palette, tactile textures and the way in which the inherent quality enhances each piece of upholstery we design. We only work closely with three fabric houses and Chase Erwin has everything we are looking for. The fabrics reflect our signature style perfectly and the unique nature of the fabric fits our bespoke approach beautifully.

Thank you, Samantha, for sharing your insights with us!

Son Brusque: This country house in Mallorca used to belong to the Spanish Royal family. Our client asked us to turn it into a laid-back summer house for his family and friends to enjoy long summer days. The library: This historic townhouse in Mallorca took three years to renovate and it is still one of my favourite interiors to date. Can Roca: A beautiful villa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. We designed this interior for a family living in London and they loved it so much we are now working on their UK home; a country estate project in Hertfordshire.