Published On: July 4, 2024

Wowed by WOW!house:

The Chase Erwin Library by Andrea Benedettini


LS: Andrea, it has been a pleasure to collaborate with you on the Chase Erwin Library for WOW!house 2024. The room is an outstanding reflection of your skills and commitment to quality and craftmanship. Please can you tell us about your journey to setting up Andrea Benedettini Interiors and the key principles the company stands for.

AB: I have been working in this industry for 10 years. Having had experience with The Studio at Harrods, Cocovara and Laura Hammett. After a year of freelancing for multiple London Based luxury interior design studio I set up the company in 2020. We were in the middle of the first lockdown, and I was isolating at my in-laws in the countryside in Bedfordshire – I essentially set the company up in their coach house.

My company stands for exceptional design. My signature style is classis contemporary. This is a blend that’s both natural and organic, mixing period features with the sophistication of modern necessities. We often work with period antiques to seamlessly incorporate contemporary functions, creating a balance that results in a timeless look. Our designs are characterized by what might be called understated elegance. Our palette tends to be quiet. We favour quiet hues over bold colours, yet we still embrace colour in our designs. However, we prefer to use these tones in a more muted fashion, often as accents.

LS: The Library is a triumph in understated glamour whilst remaining a comfortable space people want to gather in. Can you discuss the overarching theme, and how you went about threading it through the space with such expert subtlety.

AB: The WOW! House library is inspired by ballet, particularly Swan Lake, which I believe is the epitomises elegance and romanticism. Having trained as a ballet designer since the age of eight, for me this theme is deeply personal. The influence of ballet is evident in the interior which speaks about fluidity and movement and have subtle nod to ballet. The room features swivel armchairs, elegant tassels, secret doors, a stylised forest on the ceiling, a rug mimicking rippling water, and a green leather floor that brings nature indoors.

LS: There are many stand out moments that celebrate Chase Erwin fabrics, from the sofa to the armchairs, the waterfall of drapery and shimmer across the lamp shade. How did you go about selecting your fabric designs and colourways and can talk us through the importance of fabric within an interior.

AB: Choosing fabrics for WOW!House was once of the most fun parts of the creative process. I selected a combination of fabrics from new and existing collection. For me fabrics are all about layering and textures. We wanted the room to feel rich but not overpowering so I selected a variety of textures and colours and layered them in a way that they told a story of movement and elegance.

Fabrics play a huge role in an interior as they are one of the elements that set the tone of the space. I selected an earthy palette of browns, saffron, and greens to echo the forest of Swan Lake and to bring the nature in the room.

LS: You have gathered an incredible array of objects, artworks and furniture within the Library from a wide selection as makers. Can you discuss a few of your favourite pieces and why you wanted to include them in this specific space.

AB: One of my favourite pieces has to be the Miami Cocktail cabinet by Rupert Bevan. This is such a showstopper. I had my eyes on it for a very long time and this was the perfect opportunity to include it in one of our schemes.

Part of the experience of people when they go to theatre is going to the bar to get drinks so we wanted to incorporate a bar as a nod and reference to that. This piece is stunning because the mirror has an aged patina so the surfaces look vintage rather than blingy and it looks really dramatic when it is open to reveal all the beautiful crystalware.

LS: Chase Erwin fabrics have been used in many of your previous projects, why do you think our brand aligns so well with your design style and are there any fabrics you use time and time again and why.

AB: Our brands aligns as we both stand for a timeless aesthetic and favour muted textures rather than bold patterns. One of my favourite fabrics is Sail Dunes and I have used it on multiple projects including my sofa at my home because it is such a beautiful base fabric. It has an elegant weave, and it upholsters beautifully. But I also love Embrace, this is a tight boucle that we used on the swivel armchairs at Wow House.

LS: You create exquisite interiors, combining traditional and contemporary details in clean colour palettes.  Who and what are your influences, and is there a dream project you would like to work on in the future?

AB: I am always inspired by everything around me. I am genuinely a curious guy and I love to surround myself with beautiful things. I am always on the hunt for the next boutique hotel, vintage shop, and holiday destination. I love visiting exhibitions; I am member of several museums in London and never miss the opportunity to visit one. I also love going to the theatre and make sure I go at least once or twice a month. I also a relaxing weekend strolling down the Pimlico Road and visiting the beautiful shops in the area.

LS: And lastly, what advice would you give to someone considering redecorating. What are the key things to consider, and is there anything you would advise not to do.

AB: I may be biased because I am an interior designer, but that’s exactly why I can attest to the value of hiring one. Interior designers bring expertise, creativity, and a trained eye that can transform spaces efficiently and effectively. Make sure you hire an interior designer that you feel an emotional connection with, this person will become part of your life for the next year or more, so you must get a long. And have trust in them! They will do a great job and they will have your best interests at heart.

Photographer: Julian Abrams